How To Learn Your Way Around WordPress Themes

This post is about WordPress and the different themes, and there’s also a chapter on Joomla websites. When I was first learning WordPress, I was a little bit overwhelmed. There was so much to learn about it: plug-ins, pages, posts and most importantly, themes.

The WordPress theme is, essentially, the public image of your WordPress site. It will determine the look and the feeling that you wish to convey to clients visiting your online home. There are thousands of themes available to you on and choosing one can be a daunting task. There are many factors that go into choosing the right one for your business. Cost, feel, mobile support and ease are just a few of those factors.

Your theme need not cost you anything as there are thousands of free themes available. Simply search the free themes from your dashboard. Should you feel that you must pay for a theme, you can keep the cost small or large depending on your budget.


How Many Keywords To Include In An AdWords Ad Group?

You have no idea how many keywords some advertisers try to include in the same AdWords Ad Group. I have audited more than one AdWords account with in excess of 200 keywords, all in the same ad group.

While it may seem that dumping all your keywords into one ad group may be convenient, it guarantees that your click-through-rate (CTR) and return-on-investment (ROI) are going to be a lot less than what otherwise might have been the case.

Many studies have already proven that people searching online are often looking for the answer to a question. They will enter a series of words into Google, hit the search button and expect the answer to their question to appear in the results.

Any expert will tell you that the most effective way to attract your prospects attention, is to create ads that answer the question searchers are asking.


Understanding Your AdWords Placement Performance Report

After you read this short article, you will have learned how to find out the innermost secrets about the performance of your ads on the Content Network and what you must then do to improve your campaigns to make them more profitable.

Most people back away from the Content Network, thinking that it is not for them. And that is certainly good advice if you are new to AdWords, advertising on a small budget or starting a new campaign in an unfamiliar niche.

But one could also say that the Content Network represents a vast marketplace within which you can advertise your products or services. And if you run your campaigns in the right way, it can be a valuable source of new business as well as a means of establishing your brand throughout the world.

Unquestionably, if you are going to be successful on the Content Network, then you need to monitor the performance of your ads very carefully and adjust your campaigns regularly so that your ads appear only on those websites that are going to bring you true value.

The problem is, how do you know which websites are working for you and which are just lining the pockets of Google and the website owner?


How to get creative ideas when designing a new logo

Undoubtedly, professional graphic designers have creative minds, they are artistic and imaginative. Although,y clients mostly think that logo designers are magicians who create imaginative images and come up with creative and mind-blowing ideas for their small business logos with a swish of their wands. But it is not the reality, however, to come up with an interesting idea is not an easy task to do.

Thinking or developing a unique idea in a mind is not a magic that can be generated in a matter of seconds. The designer needs to think a lot for getting an original idea; it involves a complete and elaborative procedure of shifting the idea from designer’s brain to the final logos. A logo represents a brand and a brand is an important part of the communication tools of each brand.

Why use Photoshop, are there alternatives?

Learning Photoshop: The Basics

The new version of Adobe’s CS6 Creative Suite is the upgrade from the previous suite and employs a host of new techniques for users of Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, and more. For many people who work with images or enjoy photo manipulation, Adobe’s Photoshop is the first stop that people go to.

But how does a person go about learning Photoshop? How can Photoshop benefit you and even bring money as a secondary income? Photoshop is a graphics editing program that allows the user to create and edit photos, pictures, and other designs that can be used for anything from flyers to websites.

Many professionals use the program to enhance their photography, as well as using designs and images created in the program as part of their websites. So what can you use Photoshop for?

Well, if you’ve surfed the Internet, you’ll see that people use Photoshop to create websites and changing pictures.


WordPress tips

One of the biggest advantages to setting up WordPress on your site is the search engines really like most of the themes used on its platform.

The other great thing is that WordPress has a very active developer community. That means there is an almost endless supply of themes and plugins that you can use, for almost anything you can think of.

Since we recently published an article on how to install WordPress, let’s take a look at some of the WordPress SEO plugins that you can use. Laying the groundwork for a well-optimized start from the beginning will mean you can start ranking in the search engines a lot quicker.

To make this easier for you, we’ll take a look at some free and premium (paid) plugins that you can use.

Free WordPress SEO Plugins

All-In-One SEO Pack

This plugin is very easy to get started with.

It generates your META tags automatically and allows you to automatically optimize your post titles for the search engines.


Web Design Tips and Tricks

Web Developers approach a website both from the inside and outside or leave some of the outsides to graphics people. Knowing programming makes a Web Developer more technical and more valuable in the marketplace.

Web Designers might be both a Developer and a Designer who can tackle the technical details and do Design. Graphic Designers have traditionally been in print design and know their craft very well but limited in their technical skills. Many Graphic Designers are migrating over to Web Designers and picking up some of the technical details but not the hardcore coding.

This is an ongoing distinction both in Colleges and in the work field. Many colleges Graphic departments now advertise their courses as Web Design but do very little of it depending on the skill sets of the educators. Their focus is still on Graphic Print Design. The colleges have two Web Design courses one being put on by the Information Technology Department and the other by the Arts or Graphic Arts department.


How to publish a website

On the internet, your most basic presence is a website.  It is the staging point and the hub of everything that you do online. So this post is about how to publish a website.

Almost all of your activity in online marketing goes back to your website.  Your website is the face you show for your business.  This is where your customer gets his first impression of your business.  This is where they interface with your business.

A professional-looking website says that you are a reliable, trustworthy, professional business.  A sloppy-looking website says that your business is small-time, amateurish and cannot be trusted.

That is why it is important that your website has a design and content that speaks well of your business.  Also, if you have a site or plan to have a site where your customer can buy merchandise (an e-commerce site) you should also ensure that the process of ordering is easy and problem-free.

Basic steps of publishing a website:

Get a domain name.  This is the URL or web address that people write on their browser to get to your website.  A good domain name is short, memorable, easily spelled and typed, easy to say, and ideally, should contain your business’ keyword.  Dotcom (.com) domain names are more trusted than .info, .biz, or any other top-level domains (TLD).  Popular places where you can buy a domain are GoDaddy and  Very often you can get your domain name for free from the host you sign up with.

Get a reliable host.  A host is a company that owns the server where your website lives.  The main consideration for choosing a host is the number of functionalities it gives you for managing your site, such as a cPanel where you can create a site with a few clicks, accesses your site via file transfer, sees activities on your site via logs, and more.


How to become a website designer

We receive many emails from high school students asking about how to become a web designer. They often pick out graphic or Web design because of all the cool perks and stories they’ve heard. Perks like the lady who is having a limo drive her to her work every day, free admission to events, or the fantastic presents from clients after they designed something really cool for them. There are stories about the amount of free time, about what a lax profession it is, or that it is constantly changing.

Well, forget about these dreams, it’s really not so easy at all, for most designers at least! There are some things that you should know before deciding to pursue a career in the world of graphic or website design. First, you need to have at least a high school or GED diploma. If you don’t, you can easily prepare online with for your GED diploma, it’s all free there lessons and practice test and secondly, you will need to find out whether this profession fits your personality. To discover if it does, check out this easy and fun career quiz from Just get started, and check if your personality meets the results. If it shows you are a creative type, well, that’s good for you, so read on.

How to design a brochure

In the world of corporate business, one of the standard tools for promoting and advertising businesses is formed by brochures. Brochures are in fact small magazines displayed in hotel lobbies, reception halls, and conferences rooms, and that are out there in order to be picked up by the public. Take a look at this interesting Business Brochure Photoshop Tutorial:

Occasionally, brochures include written statements of the business, but normally they contain pictures of the products made or services rendered by the company. Company brochures can be included in your company products or handed out as calendars or posters.
The point is, as brochures are designed to get the public’s eye on your company, they must be attractive and revealing enough to attract people’s awareness and appropriately explain your sales message. Unfortunately, basically, very few brochures are creatively manufactured with a focus on detail. But let that not scare you away, you can find plenty of options out there to create a fascinating brochure style and design.
Here I will share some examples of remarkable brochure designs you can look at: