Why Your Startup Should Go Green

One of the biggest and hyped up trends in the business world today is the Go Green movement and to be honest, it has been for quite some time already. What’s the real deal? Want to know why your business should care or maybe should have cared already before?

So Why Go Green? Here’s why:

The most obvious answer to this question is all around you. Your planet! If you don’t go green, pretty soon there won’t be a planet to worry about whether you should be going green or not. Most businesses are reluctant to put in extra costs and worry about something that’s going to happen thousands of years from now.

But here’s the good news: Sustainability today no longer means choosing between your profits and your principles. In the past, talking about going green would mean you either choose to make a stand and “Go Green” no matter what the losses or you simply ignore it and focus on generating higher profits. In this day and age, these two choices are no longer mutually exclusive.


The Entrepreneur’s List of DO-NOTS

Financial planning is a key step in your start-up business right from the first day. Make sure you have enough capital to start out your business as a professional one. The lack of proper financial budget will result in an amateur business.

The majority of companies list financial shortage for one of the reasons their businesses failed. Ensure that you have a set budget for your business and stick to it. Let’s see what Evan Carmichael has to say about the entrepreneur’s list of DO-NOTS:

Do NOT forget the vision you started from

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not having a clear vision or goal while starting out. This results in them forgetting what exactly they were working towards achieving and they end up going on tangents. When you don’t know what you’re aiming towards, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out how to achieve it. Planning everything in detail will make it easier for you to stick to that plan and get to your goal it that much quicker.


Social Media Marketing “Must-do’s” for Entrepreneurs

When you are an entrepreneur, promoting your own business is often not an option, but a necessity. Borrell Associates, a media research firm, suggests many of the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the U.S. will double their social media spending for 2019.

In such situations, it helps to know not just what to do in social media, but also how to do it right. In this article, we bring you three important social media Must-Do’s that you must keep up with to make the most of this network. See also this very useful NBC News video:

Research your Competition

The first and the best way to learn is by observing and listening. Make it a habit to keep an eye out on how your competition of SMEs is promoting themselves. Are they speaking as a company profile, are they providing information on developments, are they emoting to appeal? Note their tone of voice, the frequency of posts.

Also, watch out for the kind of posts that are getting more attention than the others. This will give you a clear idea of the kind of communication that works for your sector and will give you a good starting point to base your strategy from.


How Many Keywords To Include In An AdWords Ad Group?

You have no idea how many keywords some advertisers try to include in the same AdWords Ad Group. I have audited more than one AdWords account with in excess of 200 keywords, all in the same ad group.

While it may seem that dumping all your keywords into one ad group may be convenient, it guarantees that your click-through-rate (CTR) and return-on-investment (ROI) are going to be a lot less than what otherwise might have been the case.

Many studies have already proven that people searching online are often looking for the answer to a question. They will enter a series of words into Google, hit the search button and expect the answer to their question to appear in the results.

Any expert will tell you that the most effective way to attract your prospects attention, is to create ads that answer the question searchers are asking.


Understanding Your AdWords Placement Performance Report

After you read this short article, you will have learned how to find out the innermost secrets about the performance of your ads on the Content Network and what you must then do to improve your campaigns to make them more profitable.

Most people back away from the Content Network, thinking that it is not for them. And that is certainly good advice if you are new to AdWords, advertising on a small budget or starting a new campaign in an unfamiliar niche.

But one could also say that the Content Network represents a vast marketplace within which you can advertise your products or services. And if you run your campaigns in the right way, it can be a valuable source of new business as well as a means of establishing your brand throughout the world.


How to Publish a Website

On the internet, your most basic presence is a website.  It is the staging point and the hub of everything that you do online. So this post is about how to publish a website.

Almost all of your activity in online marketing goes back to your website.  Your website is the face you show for your business.  This is where your customer gets his first impression of your business.  This is where they interface with your business.

A professional-looking website says that you are a reliable, trustworthy, professional business.  A sloppy-looking website says that your business is small-time, amateurish and cannot be trusted.

That is why it is important that your website has a design and content that speaks well of your business.  Also, if you have a site or plan to have a site where your customer can buy merchandise (an e-commerce site) you should also ensure that the process of ordering is easy and problem-free.


How to Design a Brochure

In the world of corporate business, one of the standard tools for promoting and advertising businesses is formed by brochures. Brochures are in fact small magazines displayed in hotel lobbies, reception halls, and conferences rooms, and that are out there in order to be picked up by the public. Take a look at this interesting Business Brochure Photoshop Tutorial:

Occasionally, brochures include written statements of the business, but normally they contain pictures of the products made or services rendered by the company. Company brochures can be included in your company products or handed out as calendars or posters.

The point is, as brochures are designed to get the public’s eye on your company, they must be attractive and revealing enough to attract people’s awareness and appropriately explain your sales message. Unfortunately, basically, very few brochures are creatively manufactured with a focus on detail. But let that not scare you away, you can find plenty of options out there to create a fascinating brochure style and design.

Here I will share some examples of remarkable brochure designs you can look at:


Community website is NOT a business model unto itself

Has there ever been an Internet buzzword that has been more abused and confused than community?
Remember back in the naive ’90s, when theglobe.com’s stock rose 606 percent on its first day of trading-an IPO record at the time-because it supposedly was the hot place to chat? Or how about GeoCities, which offered free “homesteads” in online subdivisions, complete with street addresses, as if the first thing you’d do after creating your free homepage would be to hop over to the neighbors’ for a cup of digital coffee.

In a $4 billion deal, Yahoo!! paid more than $100 for every piddling dollar of revenue that GeoCities had from its inception in 1996 through the spring of 1999. But does anyone believe these “communities” would fetch any premium today?
Yet there really is something quite powerful and valuable behind the concept of online community, provided it is used to support a real business objective.

Mistakes were made

The mistake such startups made was in believing that community was a business model unto itself. Interactive tools that allow people with common interests to exchange information work as a revenue opportunity only when they are attached to an established business model. When that’s the case, communities can help a real business acquire and retain customers at a lower cost for a longer time.

What is important in Product Design

Product design requires creativity, experience and, if you are going to be building the product yourself, a substantial amount of technical know how.

The process of product design starts with the need of a full understanding of the requirements. Requirements gathering is a very distinct skill – sometimes the customer has a great idea, but it takes experience to know how it can be improved, tweaked and slightly changed to make it even better. Very occasionally, it is the job of the product designer to let the customer know that the idea they have just won’t work. again, this ability comes with skill, judgment, and experience and can save the company vast amounts of money!

Product design could be as simple as updating an existing product to make it better, or starting from scratch on a completely novel idea which exists only in someone’s mind. These are often distinct roles and not the same skill set. A good example of product improvement would be Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaner – a massive improvement on a product that had been around for decades before in the same form.


Mobile Marketing to enhance your business

There is a lot to look forward to if you understand just how mobile marketing is used to enhance your business. It is fun, too, to learn about how mobile devices are utilized in this type of marketing. Mobile marketing is an incredibly effective way to promote your business, when done well. This article will help you unleash the power of mobile marketing with the following tips.

Add a link to your social media pages on your main website and encourage your visitors to find you there. The odds of potential customers stumbling across your social networking accounts by accident are slim, but visitors to your main site will be much more likely to be interested.

Try using Multimedia Messaging Service for sending out coupons for new prospects or to reward the old ones. Include promo codes within the coupons themselves to make it easier for customers. These coupons should contain a special code that your mobile site can track. These coupons are great for attracting new consumers and rewarding loyal ones.