Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal

It didn’t take long for companies and developers to realize that there needed to be a way for non-technical people to contribute content to and update content on a website. This is where a content management system (CMS) wins the day.

Simply put, content management systems store the actual web content inside a database. This allows non-technical personnel to type in a form to create new pages. The content management system handles the details of making sure the right widgets, themes and other aspects of the web site get applied to the new content.

There are currently 3 main open source content management systems written in PHP. Each one has a slightly different focus and as a result, each has strengths and weaknesses that make it more or less suitable for building certain types of web sites.

A smart web developer will be familiar with all three while perhaps focusing on in-depth work with one or two. The three systems are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Let’s take a brief look at each and its strengths and weaknesses.


joomla examples

Joomla has numerous advantages:

What are some of the advantages to using Joomla! to create websites?


This very well may be the biggest draw to Joomla!. It is a top-notch Content Management System (CMS) and it is free. Joomla! is comparable to other CMS’s, some of which can cost thousands of dollars.

Site Updating and Maintenance

Joomla! makes it quite easy to keep your site updated as well as add new content quickly. Due to it’s ease of use and layout, time otherwise lost trying to find where or how to make a change, is gained by allowing the webmaster to concentrate on the content itself.

Plug-ins (Joomla! calls them Extensions and Modules)

Many, many varying feature sets can be added to your Joomla! environment. Some examples might be; a Photo Gallery, a Forum, Statistics, etc… They are usually very easy to implement and use. There are thousands of free ones as well as those you pay for.

Loads of Built-in Extensions and Modules

Some of these are: Articles Banners Feed Displays Polls Newsflash Latest News Search

The list goes on….

Nearly Endless Customization Options

Joomla! is Template driven. It comes with 3 templates and thousands of others can be downloaded and easily installed. A Joomla template download can be free or of the paid for variety. It is quite easy to find a template that will suit your needs for FREE. Joomla! facilitates customization via it’s web-based Administrator front-end. The major part of it’s customization is menu-driven in this front-end. It really is wonderful! If you are so inclined, you can dig down deep and get technical as well. You have the ability to modify HTML, PHP, and CSS code if you choose to.


If you are looking for a free, easy, fun tool to use to create web sites, this is it! Joomla! is updated regularly and there are many forums you can join to get help, help others, or just be a part of the Joomla! community. See you there!