Web Design Tips and Tricks

Web Developers approach a website both from the inside and outside or leave some of the outsides to graphics people. Knowing programming makes a Web Developer more technical and more valuable in the marketplace.

Web Designers might be both a Developer and a Designer who can tackle the technical details and do Design. Graphic Designers have traditionally been in print design and know their craft very well but limited in their technical skills. Many Graphic Designers are migrating over to Web Designers and picking up some of the technical details but not the hardcore coding.

This is an ongoing distinction both in Colleges and in the work field. Many colleges Graphic departments now advertise their courses as Web Design but do very little of it depending on the skill sets of the educators. Their focus is still on Graphic Print Design. The colleges have two Web Design courses one being put on by the Information Technology Department and the other by the Arts or Graphic Arts department.

Designers and Architects (developers) work together for aesthetic results

Neither side seems to get or understand why the Web Developers make more money. Well, maybe the Developer does understand. The Graphic Web Designer is all about making it look Great. If it doesn’t download fast it is not good. As the Internet accessibility to faster broadband for ALL users increases, this balance may change. Check here how to make a business website.

It is the rare person who is both technically capable of programming and designing and drawing but they are out there. I have met several of them. Gone to Graduate school with a number of them. Finding a Web Developer Designer to help with the Interface of the Website can really help reputation for many sites. What is the purpose of the site?

Some sites just want to get information out to the public and make a lot of money doing it even though their sites are not fancy and some are just very plain. While other sites are very fancy and have Flash front ends but take so long to load the user goes away.

Before writing this opinion piece I searched the Internet to find out what others might be saying on this very topic. I found this cute write-up with a great graphic. There are tons of comments for you to see and hear the ongoing argument. It is fun. Learn here also all about developing and making a community website.

How much programming does a Web Designer do? The concepts about Programming Applications the Web Developer would require efficiency in executing writing code applies today too.

Database programming is another aspect of Web Development. Learning the languages and deciding if this is something you would like to do every day is important for choosing this direction.  Realizing the level of technical knowledge needed explains why Web developers are paid more than the Graphic Web Designer who is artistic and enjoys the craft without the tedium of programming. See also how to make a brochure.